Resources from Grand Parkway Staff | Week of April 5, 2020

People of the Parkway,
I want to encourage you to take just a few minutes to explore the resources provided below.  There is something for everyone so don't miss what might be for you.

Wade Burgess
Executive Pastor

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What can you do to experience more emotional joy? Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that you should “stop listening to yourself and start speaking to yourself.” Here’s how: read a psalm a day. Out loud. To yourself. Hear your voice speak truth. Watch the Spirit change your view of reality. 

Four pickup trucks full of supplies were delivered to Second Mile on Monday. Thank you for your generosity. They served over 800 families on Saturday. Click HERE  to see a few photos.

When it comes to God’s will, there are always at least two parts—His will (what He wants done) and His method (how He wants it done). Often, we can get so fixated on knowing or doing God’s will that we forget to pay attention to His methods.

In his book, The Furious Longing of God, Brennan Manning highlights the importance of paying attention to God’s methods.

“The apostle Paul may have understood the mind of Jesus better than anyone who ever lived. He sums up his whole understanding of the message of Jesus in Galatians 5:6 when he writes, “the only thing that matters is the faith that expresses itself in love.” According to Paul’s criterion for greatness in the New Israel of God, the person who is the most Christlike, closest to the heart of Abba, is not the one who spends the most time in prayer. It’s not the one who has the most PhD’s. It’s not the one who has the most responsibility entrusted to his care. It’s not the pastor of the biggest megachurch. No, it’s the one who loves the most. That’s not my opinion. Those are the words in Galatians 5 that will judge us.”

God’s will is for us to be men and women of faith and the method of His will is love. Friends, it’s important for us to keep this in mind during this season, because it’s our love towards people that will give us a platform to share our faith.

A few days ago, I was chatting with Jim Phillips, and he shared with me what he has been learning in the midst of this pandemic. I was encouraged by what he said, so I asked him to make a short video for the men of our church. Click HERE for the video.

There is a difference between solitude and isolation. Solitude is purposefully choosing to be alone for a time, with the intention of re-engaging with community. Isolation is a bit different; it’s choosing to withdraw from community, usually for unhealthy reasons. In many ways, because of the coronavirus, our choice of being in community or solitude has been taken away, and many men feel like they have been forced into isolation, even with a house full of people.

Questions to consider: Once things return to normal, how will you and your family actively engage in the Body of Christ? What steps are you taking to guard your heart in this season of forced isolation?

As we ponder and feel the weight of Holy Week, let’s look, with lingering sobriety, at the ways Jesus lived His last days on earth. Don’t miss Neil’s writings each day this week. I’ll be posting them on all of the Women’s Ministry social media platforms. Links just below.

For all parents: This week, we will not be meeting on Zoom. We want to give you time to celebrate Easter as a family.

Reading plans: We’ve invited and challenged your student to join us in Bible reading plans. This week, we will be reading about Holy Week and what Jesus’ life looked like during this time. You can find this on our Instagram and Facebook. Additionally, there is an app called Easter Now. This app walks you through the events that occur during Holy Week by sending updates to your phone each day. It includes Scripture passages and maps of where Jesus was each day and what he was doing. It is a great tool to see what the last week of Jesus' life on earth was like.

For your student: As we continue social distancing and being unable to meet in person, keep a look out on our social media for ways to engage with us. Reach out to us and your small group leaders. We miss you guys and want to hear from you! 

For parents: Here is a guide for observing the Last Supper with your family.

For the kids: Jana, Krista, and Shelley have a new message for your kids.

For little ones: In case you missed it last week, here are some at-home lesson activity ideas to do with your babies and toddlers. 

For the family: We will join together for a YouTube lesson that will premier at 7pm on Wednesday night, as we learn about Holy Week. Mrs. Jana and Mrs. Krista will be joining in the live chat! If you can’t make it, you will still be able to watch the video later.

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