Resources from Grand Parkway Staff | Week of July 6th, 2020

People of the Parkway,
I want to encourage you to take just a few minutes to explore the resources provided below.  There is something for everyone so don't miss what might be for you.

Wade Burgess
Executive Pastor

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If you google the word “anxiety,” you will find 84,400,000 results, listing everything from anxiety symptoms and medication for anxiety to types of anxiety disorders. It’s safe to say that many people are struggling with anxiety these days and have questions about it.

For us, as believers in Jesus Christ, the question becomes, “How do we deal with anxiety from a biblical perspective, and how can we minister to those who are battling anxiety?”  On Thursday, August 6th, from 9am—12pm, Grand Parkway will host a Mental Health Training Conference called Empower that will highlight several issues of mental health with a special emphasis on anxiety. Its a free seminar for ages 14 and older. Register HERE.

Persevere in the COVID grind. God is using this unending routine of masks, distancing, and home stay for a great work in you.

“You will never be prepared for God’s work in and through you if you don’t master the mundane. You will never be used of God for the extraordinary if you resent the routine. The impact of a lifetime is won through the disciplines of the day” -Hershel York

Over the July 4th weekend I was reminded that people are often attracted to Christian community before they are attracted to Christ.  This begs the question, what does/should a Christian community look like during a pandemic?  In his book, Disciple: Getting Your Identity From Jesus, Bill Clem writes, “Community is most profound when members are able to bring their weaknesses rather than their strengths to the table.”  If you want to experience community and the presence of Christ, have the humility and love to prayerfully engage people in their weakness.  I can’t think of a better time to engage people in their weakness than during a pandemic, can you?

On a different note, as we prepare to worship together again in person, we have several volunteer positions open; everything from serving on the First Impression Team to helping with our Starting Point Class.  If you are looking for a way to get better connected to the church, send me an email and I’ll help you find a team to volunteer with.

Three quick things….

First, mark your calendar to join us on Tuesday July 14th at 6:30 for dinner at Rudy’s BBQ.  Hope you are able to join us.  No hidden agenda, just a chance to hang out, reconnect and make some new friends.

Second, even in the midst of this pandemic we are seeking to grow our Men’s Discipleship Groups (D-Groups).  If you would like to join a D-Group or have curiosity about what goes on in a D-Group, feel free to shoot me an email.

Third, as an encouragement and a reminder, Matthew 5:16 says, “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”  Despite what we think or feel sometimes, true productivity is doing what God wants done (good works), the way He wants it done (giving glory to your Father who is in heaven).  Today, pause and ask God what His priorities are for you this week.

When there is uncertainty, perspective is hard to come by. Click HERE to check out a few thoughts I scribbled down about one of the oldest and more consistent methods God used to comfort and settle His people throughout history. I pray God uses it to restore peace in your soul. 

For Students:

Check out all the new things we have coming up! We will be releasing podcasts, videos, and interactive social media posts. Click HERE to tune in.

For Bridge: 

Hey Bridge kids! Check out our Bridge FB page (with your parents permission) to hear from Mrs. Courtney. Click HERE.

Zoom Meetings:

We have taken a break from weekly Zoom meetings in order to restructure. Once this is complete we will resume Zoom meetings. 

For Parents of Kids:

Looking for fun activities for your kids but don’t feel like spending all your time on Pinterest? Check out this guide for 20 at-home family activities to beat the boredom; it includes 10 family devotionals at the end!

For Parents of Toddlers:

Click HERE to enjoy some free parenting tips from parenting experts. It is a free parenting summit put together by Christine Sarvey. Also, sign up HERE for Christine’s free Parenting Unlocked Challenge. This is a way to get a bunch of free parenting resources and some free parent coaching.

For Families:

We wrapped up our lessons from the Old Testament on Sunday, and hope to begin the New Testament in September. Until then, here are some age-appropriate resources for your family this summer:

For Kids at the Park (1st-4th Grade): Allstars Kids Club Go: Sunday Kids Live!

For Preschoolers: Minno Church at Home​

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