Resources from Grand Parkway Staff | Week of March 29, 2020

People of the Parkway,
I want to encourage you to take just a few minutes to explore the resources provided below.  There is something for everyone so don't miss what might be for you.

Wade Burgess
Executive Pastor

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Food Drive for 2nd Mile: This local ministry that loves our neighbors by meeting physical needs and equipping them to lead a responsible life in Christ, is in need of select food items as they assist 600–700 families daily. We are only collecting the following needed items: baby food, baby formula, diapers, Ensure/Boost, canned veggies, canned meat (tuna, salmon, chili), pinto beans, peanut butter, rice, and pasta/dry noodles. You can drop these items off at the Main Building entrance from 12–2pm on Sunday, April 5th.

Read: Maddie Ellis has returned from her trip in South East Asia. Read her update and thank you HERE, and see a picture of her cute dog.

As I pray for our church family, a few things come to mind. First, that we would come to a greater understanding and enjoyment of biblical community. Second, that parents would shepherd their families well by asking, “Lord, what would you like to do in my family during this season?” Lastly, that church members would be proactive in reaching out to one another (maybe in some new ways).

For those of you who are bored with Netflix, here are a few book suggestions that have been meaningful to me over the years that you might enjoy. Abba’s Child, by Brennan Manning, and A Shepherd’s Look at Psalm 23, by Phillip Keller, are two great books that provide rich insight on God’s amazing love and the identity of a believer as a child of God. These books are easy to read and very encouraging; they are both in my top 10 must-read list. If you want more of a study book, I suggest The Master Plan of Evangelism, by Robert Coleman. This is a classic, easy-to-read book on discipleship that examines how Jesus made disciples. In light of what’s happening with the economy, many are concerned about their paycheck. A practical resource for developing a biblical understanding on money, possessions and stewardship is Redeeming Money, by Paul David Tripp. The title is a bit misleading because the book is about much more than just money. It’s about developing a biblical understanding of God’s generous heart and the fundamentals of the Christian life. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has financial concerns.

In chapter 16 of 1 Corinthians, Paul gives some final instructions as he is closing his letter and writes, “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” There’s a lot to unpack in these two verses, but for now I just have a few questions for you to think about:

1. What do you need to be watchful of these days? Remember, we have a real enemy that is seeking to destroy you and everything else that God loves. Spend a few moments making a list of things you need to be watchful of.

2. Read 2 Timothy 2:22-3:5 and then answer the following question. What does it mean to “act like men”?

3. Where do you need more of God’s grace in your life if everything you do is to be done in love? For me, extra grace is often needed at the end of the day when we put our girls to bed. I don’t know where it might be for you, but we are all in need of God’s grace if we are to do everything in love. Currently, what things are hard for you to accomplish with a loving attitude?

I have been struck by the timeliness of each name of God we have been exploring over the past week and a half through She Reads Truth. It’s as if God wants us to know, without wavering, that who He is, in all of His multi-faceted character, is not just sufficient for the living of these days. His character is also personal…very specifically personal. I hope you will jump in with us on this 21 day exploration of the Names of God. You can find the readings HERE. If you have not already, find us also on Instagram and Facebook, where we are posting truth and reminders that are geared toward the women of our church and area. The links are just below this paragraph. 

For All Parents: Moms of daughters, I want to share what I believe will be a great resource and opportunity for you and your daughter. This Friday, at 6:00pm, there will be a FREE online girls conference. I want to encourage you to register and watch with your daughter. Girls Ministry Leaders will be giving 10-minute talks. At the conclusion of each talk, there will be discipleship-oriented questions for you to discuss. This could be a great time to disciple and engage with your daughter. For more information and to register click the link HERE.

Reading plans: We’ve invited and challenged your student to join us in Bible reading plans. You can download the free He Reads Truth or She Reads Truth in your app store and sign up for this plan. Studying the attributes of God is an opportunity to know God better by learning more about His nature and character. God’s attributes inspire awe and reverence, but they also remind us of His deeply personal and relational nature. Join us as we continue this two-week reading plan and study ten of God’s attributes, focusing on a different attribute each day.

For Your Student: As we continue social distancing and being unable to meet in person, keep a look out on our social media for ways to engage with us. Reach out to us and your small group leaders. We miss you guys and want to hear from you! 

For Parents of Students: As you may know, our church’s Sunday worship service is now being streamed on YouTube at 10:00am. As a student ministry, we want to utilize available technology to keep our students and small group leaders connected. Beginning April 5th, at 11:30am, we are going to host small groups via Zoom. The discussion will be based on that day’s sermon.

Join Zoom Meeting click HERE.  

Meeting ID: 393 142 740
Password: 055064

For Bridge Parents: Currently with Bridge students, we’re working our way through the Old Testament. This week’s story is filled with biblical prophecy. Here, we learn how the Messiah will eternally rule the nations. To convey God’s message, Daniel shared his dream of four beasts, each representing a nation or empire. Here is the video teaching and discussion guide.

Also, Bridge Camp 2020 registration opens today! Camp will be June 29th–July 3rd in Arlington, TX. 

For Bridge Students: Hey Bridge kids! Done any gushing lately? Check out our Bridge FB page (with your parents permission) to hear Mrs. Courtney gush, our Psalmist gush, and do some gushing of your own.

For Parents: Get ready for some great family time using this month’s Family Table Talker on the motto of TRUST!

For the Kids: Jana, Krista, and Shelley have a new message for your kids. Also, you can watch the pastors read stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible.

For Little Ones: Here are some at-home lesson activity ideas to do with your babies and toddlers over the next couple of weeks. 

For the Family: Our Bible story for last week is available as a Family Worship Guide. We hope you will set aside 15–20 minutes this week and use this to lead a discussion with your children. Join Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Jana as they dive into Daniel’s Dream, and stick around to answer the few discussion questions at the end.

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