Resources from Grand Parkway Staff | Week of May 10, 2020

People of the Parkway,
This edition of the Grand Parkway newsletter includes: how to spot false community, confession of a blindspot, a reading plan for the book of Acts, and some ideas on how to keep your preschoolers busy. 

Reminders of things to come, and additional content is included, so be sure to take a look.

Wade Burgess
Executive Pastor

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Jesus teaches us about true, biblical community in the beatitudes, found in Matthew 5:1–12. Notice the communal implications of the beatitudes. When our character is centered on Christ, our interaction with others is characterized by humility, compassion, gentleness, sincerity, mercy, truthfulness and reconciliation.

Friends, don’t settle for false community that’s centered around shallow and safe conversations that give you a fake sense of security. Instead, seek to be a part of a biblical community where you are truly known and encouraged to grow in Christlikeness.

A few weeks ago, we decided to do some DIY home projects, which have exposed a few blind spots in my character. Somewhere around day seven of what was supposed to be a four-day project, I was politely informed that I had been complaining a lot. Not knowing what to do with this unsolicited information, I dismissed it. The next day, as one of my daughters was recording a Mother’s Day video, my complaining was recorded in the background. I was trapped. Now there was undeniable proof of my complaining. Still not completely convinced, I asked two of my girls if it was true. They both confirmed what I’d been trying to deny.

In a lighthearted way, I’ve been making fun of something of utmost importance—the attitude of my heart. It bothered me that the people I love most were experiencing the worst of me. This whole experience led me to repent of my complaining heart, asking God to redirect my attitude.

In his book An Infinite Journey, Andrew Davis writes, “sanctification is a partnership between God and the believer, whereby the believer puts sin to death and brings forth fruit in the keeping with repentance.”  Men, our good and perfect Father is always in the process of sanctifying us, transforming us into the image of His Son. The question is: Are we aware of His leading in our lives?

If God is exposing something in your life that is not Christlike, don’t dismiss it. Confess it, receive forgiveness, and experience His strengthening grace.

Hello, Women of Grand Parkway! How are you holding up out there? During this time of dispersion, know that I’m praying for you and longing for the day when we can be together. In the meantime, we are near the smack dab middle of our reading through Acts. This is the book in the Bible that tells the story of the early Church and the spread of Christianity. Those early believers faced so many challenges as they began to tell about Jesus. You might find some very familiar struggles as you read along. Even if you’re just now joining us, it won’t take long to catch up! Today, we are on Day 24 of the 42-day reading plan for the book of Acts. You can find the Reading Plan HERE. Our spiritual forefathers and mothers have a lot to teach us about dealing with times of uncertainty, conflict and fear. I pray you’ll find that the steady, ongoing reading of God’s Word centers and anchors you to Someone way bigger than your circumstances.

For all parents: This Sunday, we will be having small groups using Zoom for 5th–12th grade. They can join the meeting by clicking the link below, and they will be put into their small groups from there. Our hope is that this helps the students stay connected to each other and their small group leaders. 

Join Zoom Meeting                                                                               

Meeting ID: 836 3233 9391

Password: 144562

For Students: As we continue social distancing and being unable to meet in person, keep a look out on our social media for ways to engage with us. Reach out to us and your small group leaders. We miss you guys and want to hear from you!

For Bridge students: Hey Bridge kids, check out our Bridge FB page (with your parents permission) to hear more from Mrs. Courtney! 

For Preschoolers: If you are running out of ideas on how to keep your Preschoolers busy and moving, here are some fun ideas and a music playlist.

For Kids at the Park (1st–4th Grade): Wednesday is Zoom Bingo Day! Please check the email that was sent by Jana on Monday (This Week at the Park | May 11) for times and links.

For the Family: We will join together again for a YouTube lesson that will stream at 7pm Wednesday night and again on Facebook at 9:30am on Sunday. Mrs. Jana and Mrs. Krista will be joining in the live chat! If you can’t make it, you will still be able to watch the video later. HERE is a Family Worship Guide you can use as you watch it.

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